Byron Lewis

Welcome to my world!

Hiya. I'm Byron. I'm a freelance writer, broadcaster, funnyman, and filmmaker based in the south of the UK. I'm best known for writing a series called History Mystery, my YouTube videos, being the station manager of Surge Radio, and running for President (of my student union).

I have worked as a videographer, editor, and web designers for small businesses and organisations all across the UK. From filming healthcare training videos, to working with history podcasters, everything I do has a story and a purpose, and my goal is to help bring that to life.

I also write opinion pieces and reviews for The Edge, Wessex Scene and a few other publications. If you're trying to find anything I've written professionally, you can find an archive here!

If you want to book me for something, or feel like I'd be a great fit for your next project, get in touch - my email is!

All the best,

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